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Our Story

Before a child could comprehend the meaning of language, one could appreciate the melodies of music without a hitch. I was blessed enough to start learning piano at the age of three, and, ever since, able to express myself through playing music. When I practice, I could feel my fingers merging with the stripes of black and white, dancing on the keys with music flowing out. That makes me forget about time.
One day, when I was practicing as usual, I noticed that some of the keys on the higher register did not sound right. It felt like something was blocking the key. I was very anxious and turned to my mom for help: "My piano is  Broke." While my dad was reading the newspaper, showed me a weird face and told me to calm down and not to say anything. My mom came and check the piano. She opened the soundboard and surprisingly found a box with a Sapphire necklace. What a sweet surprise from my dad to my mom’s birthday. Since then, the inside of the piano became a family tradition for hiding presents, and that sapphire necklace became an unforgettable impression that reminds me of my family treasure.
To me, the piano is a piece of precious sapphire that shines throughout my life. It means more than just an instrument to me. It teaches me lessons of diligence and resilience beyond music; it keeps my heart at peace and the loneliness away; it is also a bridge that connects all the people who share enthusiasm about the piano. Having grown up and became a pianist, I have collaborated with many other musicians, and some I became friends with. A sapphire is never meant to be hidden, and I intend to teach and work with more people, sharing my experiences and helping others find their own treasure through the piano. 

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